1. Monthly subscription fee for registered customers (hereinafter - the User) on the TimberMarket platform (hereinafter - the Platform) is following:

  • 20,00 €/month +VAT – basic subscription fee with 1 trading point included (fixed point or region);*
  • +10,00 €/ month +VAT – each additional trading point (fixed point or region);*
  • 50,00 €/month +VAT – unlimited number of trading points;*

      * The fee is charged for a full month. If the User stops using the Platform without waiting for the end of the month, the fee for the unused period is not returned to the User.


2. Payment is made according to the advance invoice, which the User receives by e-mail every month by the 20th of the current month. The advance payment is for maintaining the profile for the next month.

3. After paying the advance invoice, the User receives the final invoice by e-mail.

4. Invoices are generated automatically based on the User's profile information.

5. If the advance payment is not made within the term specified in the invoice, the User's profile is deleted from the Platform the day after the subscription expires and no further sanctions are imposed on the User.

6. If the User makes a partial payment of the advance invoice and does not pay the remaining amount within the term specified in the invoice, the User's profile is deleted and the money is not returned.

7. The User can change his subscription plan at any time. When adding a subscription plan (by adding additional trading points), the first month's subscription fee is calculated according to the remaining days of the month. When reducing the subscription plan (disabling already existing points of sale), the reduced plan takes effect from the 1st date of the following month.

8. The User can delete his profile at any time without any sanctions. Money for unused days of the month is not returned.

9. The Platform administration has the right to amend the payment model agreed in point 1, by notifying in writing to the e-mail registered in the User's profile at least 1 month before the changes take effect, but no more often than once per calendar year. Notification mail will be sent from the e-mail:






Timber industry platform (hereinafter - the Platform) terms of use.

1. By placing a commercial advertisement, the registered user (hereinafter - the User) fully agrees to these terms of use, as well as to the fact that the submitted data and contact information will be stored on the TimberMarket website in accordance with the law.

2. The website uses cookie files located on the User's computer. Cookies can be deleted independently in the browser at any time.

3. For the purposes of financial discipline, accounting, and other violations of the law, the platform service administration may identify persons and companies by requesting additional information and documents.

All documentation - company data, personal data and confidential information is stored in the minimum necessary volumes and terms. The number of employees who have access to this data is strictly limited.

4. Information about the customer's inquiry may be sent to the user's e-mail address specified at the user’s profile.

5. By completing the "Send inquiry" section and agreeing to the Terms of Use of the Platform,  the contact information (name, phone number and e-mail address) provided to the Platform user may be transferred to third parties for processing the order request.

Terms of the content of the advertisement:

4. The advertisement is not accepted - it is deleted and the fee is not returned if:

4.1. The user does not comply with legal requirements, generally accepted norms of behavior and ethics. Mandatory fields are not filled in the advertisement, the information provided is incorrect or erroneous.

4.2. The content does not match the selected section. If there is no suitable section, then it is allowed to submit in the section that most closely matches the topic.

4.3. The advertisement does not contain a description of the product or service, important information is not mentioned, the attached photo (if attached) does not correspond to the company's line of business, or the text content or photos are misleading.

4.4. Information not related to the purpose of the advertisement is repeatedly reflected in the text of the advertisement.

4.5. The advertisement does not apply to the wood industry and does not meet the purpose of the Platform.

4.6. Reasonable complaints are received from users of the Platform about the advertisement or the User's profile itself.

4.7. The advertisement invites you to register on another website, complete a questionnaire or survey, or publishes other information that degrades or denigrates the Platform.

4.8. The advertisement contains a link to a website that is not related to the content of the advertisement (except for the User's own home page), which when clicked opens a completely different page than the one indicated in the advertisement (redirection) or opens an additional page.

4.9. The content of the advertisement includes exclamations, appeals, slogans, declarations and staging questions, as well as text and keywords that are not related to the object of the advertisement. The text of the advertisement must contain only informative content.

4.10. The advertisement is oriented to the distribution of correspondence or advertising brochures, related to other intrusive advertising methods, or aggressive marketing that is not related to the wood industry.

Rules of Procedure:
5. The advertisement must reflect current information about the product or service. Information can be changed and corrected as needed at any time.

6. The User is allowed to register no more than one User profile, or one User may have one profile with an unlimited number of sub-users. One User may not create and maintain two profiles with the same name and properties. One User – one profile.

7. The advertisement will be published immediately after the payment of the monthly subscription fee. The term of the advertisement is set for at least one month, regardless of whether the User terminates the subscription before the end of the current month. If the subscription fee for the next month is not paid according to the advance invoice, then the User's profile is deleted only on the 1st of the following month (for example, the advance invoice for July arrives in the middle of June, the User does not pay it, then the User's profile is deleted only on August 1. the last month for maintaining the profile is "gifted".

8. The advertisement subscription fee depends on the selected subscription plan, which is described in "Payment procedure and pricing" point 1. The monthly subscription fee is stated without VAT. The user pays VAT in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia (to the extent specified in the laws and regulations). The publication of advertisements is a service provided in the territories of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

Liability of the parties:

9. In cases where the advertisement violates the terms of the Platform, contains violations of the legislation of the Republic of Latvia, copyrights, as well as in case of damage or inconvenience to third parties, the User assumes full financial responsibility for the content of the posted advertisement, both in front of the website and third parties.

10. The owner of the Platform is not responsible for the content of advertisements, as well as for possible losses and inconveniences related to the operation or unavailability of the Platform, with the exception of paragraph 3 of the regulations.

11. If the User violates the terms of use of the Platform, a warning is given for the first violation by deleting the posted advertisement (for the period in which the exact advertisement is not renewed, the payment made is not returned). For the second violation within a year, the Platform administration has the right to delete the User's profile. The paid subscription fee for the unused days of the month is not returned. If, after deleting the profile, the User continues to use another User's account to post advertisements, or tries to avoid the applicable ban in a similar way, the relevant User's account is deleted without warning and the Platform is not responsible for any losses that the advertiser places on third parties in this way.

12. Commercial users do not have access to personal and/or other data (also in aggregated form) submitted to the Platform.

13. The Platform administration has access to personal data that Users provide to use Platform services. The platform does not share or disclose personal data to third parties. The purposes and rules of personal data processing are included in the Privacy Policy.

Changes to terms and conditions:

14. The terms and conditions of use of the platform may be changed, supplemented or corrected and come into force from the moment they are published on the website.

Date: 01.06.2022.





Timber industry platform privacy policy

This privacy policy informs about how the limited liability company "Revosa", (hereinafter - the Manager) processes information and personal data on the website (hereinafter - the Platform), as well as informs about the rights of the data subject in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation No. 2016/679 (hereinafter - the Regulation).

1. Information about the Manager:

1.1. Contact information of the Manager: limited liability company "Revosa" (registration number: 42103038448, legal address: Flotes iela 3/5, Liepāja, LV-3417, Latvia). E-mail address:

1.2. The Manager fulfills the requirements of the Regulation in Latvia.

2. Purposes of personal data processing, personal data categories and legal bases

2.1. The Platform provides advertising placement services, which can only be placed by a registered user (hereinafter referred to as the User) in accordance with the Terms of Use of the Platform.

2.2. When providing services on the Platform, your personal data may be processed in accordance with Regulation No. 2016/679, Article 6.

2.3. The Manager may identify individuals and companies for the purposes of financial discipline and accounting, tax evasion, legalization of illegal income and other violations of the law by requesting additional information.

2.4. The Platform may process the User's personal data in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Policy also in other cases, if it is necessary, for example, to implement claims or provide protection in case of claims, regardless of whether the claims are filed in court or of an administrative nature, or they are filed by other within the framework of the extrajudicial procedure. For this reason, the Platform processes the User's personal data in accordance with the legitimate interests and to protect and guarantee the implementation of the rights of the Internet site, the User and others.

2.5. The platform processes personal information in information resources located on the territory of the European Union.

2.6. The personal data processed by the Manager is restricted access information that can only be accessed by employees who are authorized or access to this data is necessary for the performance of the work task.

3. Transparency and transfer of data to third parties

3.1. The Platform is entitled to transfer the User's personal data to third parties in the following cases:

3.1.1. Financial transaction information related to the purchase of services/goods through the Platform can be processed and received by the Platform's payment service providers. The Platform shares your transaction information with the Platform's payment service providers only to the extent necessary for your payment, refund and complaint purposes;

3.1.2. To state authorities at their request in accordance with the requirements of regulatory acts (for example, the State Revenue Department, law enforcement authorities).

3.2. The contact information (name, phone number and e-mail address) specified in the "Send inquiry" section may be transferred to third parties for processing the order request

4. Storage of person’s personal data

4.1. The Manager stores personal data in accordance with the defined purposes of personal data processing and the legal basis for personal data processing and only as long as necessary, as long as at least one of these criteria exists:

4.1.1. there is a legal obligation to store data for a certain period of time in accordance with regulatory enactments;

4.1.2. it is necessary to realize one's legitimate interests;

4.1.3. it is necessary to fulfill the assumed contractual obligations;

4.1.4. the data subject's consent to the respective processing of personal data is valid.

4.2. The Platform ensures that the User's personal data is stored and protected from unauthorized access, disclosure, use, modification or destruction. The Platform undertakes to take all necessary measures to keep the User's data confidential and stored securely.

5. The rights of the User as a data subject and their limitations

5.1. The User has the following rights regarding personal data (personal information) processed on the Platform:

5.1.1. The User has the right to request and within a month to receive all information (personal data) about himself that is processed on the Platform. The User can view his personal data also in the profile of a registered User.

5.2. The User has the right to correct any of his personal data that is inaccurate and, taking into account the purposes of the processing, the User has the right to supplement any data that is incomplete or out of date.

5.3. The User has the right to withdraw consent and delete his personal data if:

5.3.1. The personal data is no longer necessary in relation to the purposes for which it was collected or otherwise processed;

5.3.2. The User withdraws his consent and there is no other lawful basis for the processing;

5.3.3. The User objects to the processing in accordance with individual data protection regulations;

5.3.4. Processing is done for marketing purposes;

5.3.5. Personal data was processed illegally.

5.4. The User's personal data will not be deleted from the Platform's database if, after receiving the User's request, the Platform determines that:

5.4.1. The User did not consent to the processing of his personal data, but such processing is necessary for the legitimate (legal) interests of the Platform;

5.4.2. The European Union and national laws oblige the Platform to process the User's personal data;

5.4.3. The Platform must process the User's data for the application, enforcement or defense of legal claims;

5.5. Cases where the User has the right to automatically limit the use of his personal data:

5.5.1. The User disputes the accuracy of his processed personal data;

5.5.2. The processing of personal data is illegal, but the User objects to the deletion of personal data;

5.5.3. For the Platform, personal data is no longer necessary for processing, but it is necessary for the User to raise, implement or defend legal claims;

5.5.4. The User objects to the processing carried out by the Platform for legitimate (legal) interests, until such objection is confirmed.

5.6. If the processing is limited in accordance with the above, the Platform is entitled to continue storing the User's personal data until the processing of the claim for objection or the consideration of the issue of deletion.

5.7. The User has the right to object to the processing of the User's personal data on the Platform, insofar as the Platform needs the data processing to perform a task in the public interest or in accordance with the legitimate interests of the Platform or a third party. If the User objects to such processing, the Platform will stop processing personal information, unless the Platform can demonstrate a legitimate reason for the processing that is more important than the User's interests, rights and freedoms, or if the processing is necessary to establish, exercise or defend legal claims.

5.8. If you want to exercise your rights, submit a complaint or if you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail:

6. Changes it the Privacy Policy

The Manager has the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time without prior notice. The latest version of the Privacy Policy published on the website replaces the previous version of the Privacy Policy.